SAGES Peer Writing Crew

What does the SAGES Peer Writing Crew do?

The SAGES Peer Writing Crew assists undergraduate students with all stages of the writing process, including generating ideas, composing drafts, revising, and responding to an instructor's comments. In addition to providing in-person tutoring and electronic feedback to students, Crew members can also assist SAGES writing instructors with facilitating productive peer review sessions.

The Crew members' primary mission is to help students with SAGES papers, but they also provide assistance with writing assignments for other courses, lab reports, and even application letters for scholarships or graduate school. Because the members represent a variety of majors, the Crew can offer support in most subject areas.

Where do SAGES Peer Writing Crew appointments occur?
In person

Crew members meet with undergraduate students individually at several campus locations, including Wade Commons, Kelvin Smith Library (KSL), the SAGES Café, and Educational Services for Students (ESS). You can make an appointment through Tutortrac at least 24 hours in advance of your visit or try for a walk-in appointment during a Crew member's hours at one of these locations.


Crew members can also offer electronic feedback on your essays via their email dropbox:

Just send your paper to their Gmail address as an attachment, along with (1) the complete prompt from your professor, (2) the due date for the paper, and (3) a note telling them which elements of the paper they should focus on. Do you want help with your thesis, organization, sentence structure, grammar, or something else? Please type your full name in the subject line and include it in the attachment as well. The Crew members usually respond to papers in 24-48 hours, but if the dropbox is full, they may need more time.

What have other CWRU students said about the SAGES Peer Writing Crew?

Of the students who completed a recent survey about the SAGES Peer Writing Crew, the majority reported that the Crew's feedback was helpful and said that they would recommend the Crew to other students. Here are a few testimonials from the survey:

  • "Hearing another perspective on my writing was valuable."
  • "Very knowledgeable and willing to help!"
  • "My paper improved significantly!"
  • "[The Crew] is very patient and willing to work with you. You learn how to edit your own writing."
  • "I would definitely recommend the Crew to others, as it helped me succeed on writing a paper when I was unsure how to continue."
  • "It's always good to have another pair of eyes look over your paper."

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