TA Professional Development Training

Fall 2017 UTA Training

A mandatory Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) training session will be on Sunday, September 10, from 12:30 to 5 p.m. in DeGrace 312. Pizza and a beverage will be provided. UTAs will be paid a stipend of $40 to attend the entire training.

Those who must attend this training are:

  • New UTAs
  • Returning UTAs who did not complete training in a previous year.
  • This training is required by the Office of the Provost for all UTAs who will have direct or indirect interaction with students(e.g., recitations leaders, lab instructors/assistants, graders, etc). The only UTAs who are exempt from this training are those who completed training in previous years or those who will have no direct or indirect interaction with students (e.g., those who only set up equipment). All UTAs attending this training seminar must register in advance by Thursday, September 7, 5 p.m..

    Training Schedule and Objectives

    The UTA training seminar will concentrate on a few main areas:

    1. Inclusion Training. This will involve preparing students to create a welcoming environment for students with disabilities and international students. We will also cover potential scenarios or difficult moments that UTAs may face regarding these issues in the classroom.
    2. Different Learning Styles. We will have UTAs evaluate their own preferred learning styles, and discuss how the existence of different learning styles can affect instruction and interaction with students.
    3. Assessment and Academic Integrity. We will familiarize UTAs with best practices in assessment of student work, as well as academic integrity practices and policy. This will include presenting potential academic integrity scenarios and discussing how to handle them. We will also provide some instruction regarding assignment planning and classroom management to UTAs who have those duties.

    To best address these areas according to different UTA responsibilities, we will divide the UTAs into four training groups:

    1. Recitation Leaders
    2. Lab Instructors/Assistants
    3. Graders with office hours
    4. Graders without office hours

    If you have questions about UTA training, please contact Judy Hammer through utadev@case.edu or by calling 216.368.5230.

    Click here to download the Undergraduate TA Training Manual.