Career Center

The Career Center offers individualized assistance and technologically advanced resources to enable students and alumni to develop lifelong career management skills, obtain work experience and integrate academic and career plans. Career Center Career Peers and student assistants develop a wide range of skills that are impactful, meaningful and integral to advancing career management awareness for Case Western Reserve students.

The Career Center provides employment opportunities for both undergraduates and graduate students. Job positions may focus on researching career trends, promoting career management skills, organizing workshops and events for students, or interacting with employers, recruiters and hiring managers from multiple industries. The following is a list of available positions for students at the University Career Center:

Career Peers

Career Peers are undergraduate students who work 8–10 hours a week as paraprofessional staff members in the Case Career Center. Career Peers support the goals of the Career Center and assist the professional and support staff in several critical functional areas such as marketing, employer relations, experiential learning and career education. The main responsibility of the Career Peers is to serve as liaisons between the student body and the Career Center.

Marketing Student Assistant

The Marketing Student Assistant is preferably a graduate student who works 10–12 hours per week in conjunction with the Career Center Marketing Coordinator. The Marketing Student Assistant assists the Marketing Coordinator with ongoing marketing projects, helps maintain website communication and event promotion, and leads mid-size projects on their own.