Practicum Program

The practicum program is a partnership among the employer, student, and practicum advisor that is managed by the Career Center. The program is designed for undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Weatherhead School of Management. Although no credit is awarded, students earn transcript notation for successful completion of a practicum experience. Successful completion will be determined by the Assistant Director for Experiential Learning and is based upon faculty and employer recommendations. The desired learning outcome of the practicum is intellectual, professional, and personal growth in an area related to a student's academic and career goals.

Companies and organizations that participate in the practicum program provide students with assignments that develop skills, insights, and knowledge that are both marketable to the profession and transferable to the classroom. A practicum is a full-time professional experience that is typically paid and lasts 14 weeks. Employers will submit an evaluation of the student's progress and performance to the Assistant Director for Experiential Learning at the mid-point and conclusion of the assignment. Additionally, students will engage in reflective communication with their practicum advisors throughout the experience.

Practicum students enroll in course sections MGMT001, MGMT002, PRAC001, and PRAC002 for the semester in which they are on assignment. Through this registration, students are able to retain full-time student status. There is an administrative fee for participation in the program. Students should always visit the Office of University Financial Aid and International Student Services (if applicable) in advance of registration for the Practicum program.