Civic Engagement Scholars

The Civic Engagement Scholars Program is coordinated by the Center for Civic Engagement & Learning and endorsed by Case Western Reserve University President Barbara R. Snyder. This initiative is designed to promote student involvement in the Cleveland community and beyond through significant and meaningful service.

The program reflects Case Western Reserve University's commitment to the local community and to the value of active citizenship. Student civic engagement scholars will be awarded certificates by President Snyder at a special recognition ceremony late in the spring semester.

Civic engagement scholars serve at nonprofit organizations and local schools in the cities of Cleveland and East Cleveland. They also participate in seminars and workshops to learn more about community issues, build civic identity and understand their role in the world. Civic engagement scholars select one local organization or school as their primary partner site. Additional hours can be accrued through participation in service days such as Case for Community Day or through participation in approved service projects such as those sponsored by student organizations, Greek Life, residence halls and sanctioned Alternative Break trips.

Civic Engagement Scholars Program Goals:
  • To create an experiential learning program that promotes active citizenship and allows students to develop a deeper understanding of community issues
  • To foster connections between students at Case Western Reserve University and members of the Greater Cleveland community
  • To create mutually beneficial opportunities for student volunteers to engage in meaningful community service activities with local agencies and nonprofit organizations
  • To recognize students who perform outstanding service
Civic Engagement Scholars Program Requirements:
  • Attend the Civic Engagement Scholars program kick-off training and mid-year training
  • Complete a minimum of 50 community service hours throughout the course of the program (August 2014 - May 2015)
  • Attend three community-focused events or programs selected from a menu approved by CCEL
  • Write a final reflection summary about the scholars experience
  • Maintain academic good standing throughout the course of the program

Students who meet the program's criteria will receive a Certificate of Distinguished Service signed by President Barbara R. Snyder. Scholars who complete the program requirements are also invited to attend a special recognition ceremony celebrating their achievement at President Snyder’s home.

For more information about becoming a Civic Engagement Scholar, please refer to the program requirements or FAQ page. Highlights from the 2013-2014 program are also now available.

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