Citizenship Reception Award Winners

At the 2013 Citizenship Reception, the CWRU Greek Life Community honored 5 outstanding initiatives and community members which promote the Citizenship Pillar within our community. In future years, we hope that these awards will serve as an incentive to further promote growth within the broader scope of citizenship, instead of stopping solely at service hours and philanthropy dollars. Please join me in congratulating the following award recipients.

Social Change Award
Kappa Alpha Theta and Zeta Psi's Bone Marrow Drive

The Social Change award is given to a Greek initiative that provides opportunities to identify and actively improve upon social issues in the community.

This semester the sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta and the brothers of Zeta Psi brought a social issue to the attention of the campus community: the need for bone marrow donors. By seeking out and partnering with a nonprofit called Be The Match, the brothers and sisters organized and executed a Bone Marrow Drive which sought to educate individuals on the need and process of donation as well as successfully registering 255 new individuals for the National Bone Marrow Registry.

Culture of Care Award
Sigma Nu and Phi Mu's Hazing Prevention Week

The recipient of the Culture of Care Award is a long-term initiative which promotes care for and within the CWRU community.

This year's award goes to Sigma Nu and Phi Mu's Hazing Prevention Week campaign. This campaign was adapted by placing one prompt concerning popular excuses for hazing on a blackboard and displaying it at popular student spots to initiate constructive conversation each day.At its core, this initiative is a group of students helping their peers to recognize the importance of treating others with respect and empowering students to challenge systems which are counter to this principle.

Social Justice Leaders Award
Alpha Phi's Sisterhood Week

The Social Justice Leaders award is awarded to a Greek program that creates an educational environment to value and understand people from all backgrounds and cultures.

This year the sisters of Alpha Phi created a sisterhood week surrounding social justice and Cultural competency, areas of which they wanted to see their chapter improve in. Through the initiation of chapter wide discussions regarding culture and respect as well as providing a chapter wide SAFE Zone training through the LGBT center, the sisters challenged one another to reexamine continued membership education and helped them to realize their influence over each other and the community.

Anvil Award
Benjamin Cook, a brother of Phi Kappa Psi

The Anvil Award recognizes a Greek community member or program that empowers others to lend a hand and advocate for a community in need. The nominated individual or those that participate in the nominated program should clearly show an honest devotion to a cause that will make a lasting impact on others.

Ben Cook exemplifies these characteristics through this dedication to Relay for Life. After losing a parent to cancer, Ben's involvement in Relay has been inspirational to his chapter and the community as a whole as they witnessed him walk over 30 miles last year for his cause.

SMARRT Decisions Award
PHC and IFC's Respect Week

The SMARRT Decisions Award is given to a Greek Community member or program that encourages individual members to lead a healthy lifestyle, to identify unhealthy behaviors and to approach others about harmful decisions.

This year PHC and IFC coordinated an event called Respect Week. Respect Week was an initiative that motivated chapters to provide a forum for the greater campus population to individually express the value of respect. Such an initiative promotes constructive and healthy relationships by reminding individuals to value others.