Scholars Cohort Leader

The Civic Engagement Scholars Cohort Leader position is a student leadership position through the Center for Civic Engagement & Learning. Returning Scholars who have at least one year of experience with the Civic Engagement Scholars program are welcome to apply to become Scholars Cohort Leaders. The CCEL Executive Council will be managing the Scholars Cohort Leader program and coordinating all aspects of the program.

Each Scholars Cohort Leader will be assigned a group of Civic Engagement Scholars. The leader will be responsible for supporting the Scholars throughout the program and acting as a liaison between CCEL and the Scholars. Leaders must be willing to commit to the position for the entire academic year, but the time commitment can be somewhat flexible to the leaders schedule. Scholars Cohort Leaders responsibilities are described below.

Initial Responsibilities (October and November):

  • Coordinate a time to meet with your Scholars to get to know them and ensure that they understand the program's requirements.
    • You can choose to meet one-on-one with each Civic Engagement Scholar, or you can coordinate small group meetings with your cohort.
  • Ensure that each of your Scholars has a primary site identified.
    • You are not expected to be an expert on all of the service sites available, but you can point out resources available to Scholars trying to find a site (CCEL website, CCEL Serves, student organizations, etc).
    • You can also encourage your cohort members to contact CCEL staff if they need additional support finding a site.

Ongoing Responsibilities (throughout the year):

  • Check in with your Scholars cohort regularly, or approximately once a month.
  • Coordinate a meeting or activity once a semester (this can be attending a community-focused program together, participating in a social event, or doing service together).
  • Support CCEL in ensuring that Scholars are logging hours, attending community-focused programs, etc.
  • Keep CCEL updated of any issues or concerns that Scholars may express about the program.
  • Attend Scholars Cohort Leader meetings with CCEL Exec.

Mandatory Time Commitments

  • Attend an initial Scholars Cohort Leader orientation with CCEL Exec in September
  • Support CCEL with the Scholars Orientation on Friday, September 25 (exceptions made for academic commitments that conflict with this orientation).
  • Support CCEL with the Civic Engagement Conference on February 6, 2016, as reflection leaders and volunteers.
  • Meet with other Scholars Cohort Leaders approximately 2-3 times per semester to touch base, share best practices, and reflect on the experience.