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After-Hours Crisis Help

Urgent counseling and consultation times are available without an appointment Monday through Friday in our Sears Building location. Please call 216.368.5872 or stop by for information on how to use this service.

An on-call counselor is available for emergencies after hours, on weekends and holidays. Call 216.368.5872 and follow the prompts to be connected to the university counselor on call.

Your Turning Point

The college years mark a time when students engage in self-exploration and change. At times these changes are intentional and understandable; at other times they are unpredictable, chaotic and upsetting. Each year over 1300 students seek out the staff of the University Counseling Services to help them gain perspective and to lay the groundwork for personal change. For many, the change can become a 'Turning Point' in their lives.

University Counseling Services (UCS) and its divisions of Collegiate Behavioral Health (CBH) and Prevention & Recovery Services (PRS) offers students help with their personal counseling and behavioral health needs, including individual, couples and group counseling, psychiatric medication management, stress management and recovery support. Our offices are staffed with psychologists, social workers and consulting psychiatrists.

Most services are provided without cost but some of our specialty services may require a fee.

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