Interreligious Council

The Interreligious Council (IRC) is comprised of the staffs of the five campus ministries serving the institutions of higher education in University Circle. The IRC sponsors programs and events throughout the year including Interfaith dialogue series, panel discussions, Seder Meals, Lenten services, spiritual retreats, community service projects, and programs unique to their own organizations.

The IRC operates out of The InterFaith Plaza, located on the right of the Church of the Covenant, 11205 Euclid Ave., and out of the Cleveland Hillel Foundation, located at 11291 Euclid Ave. Both locations are on the walkway between Euclid and Bellflower across from Cornell Road.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide access to programs and services that enable students, faculty, and staff to come together, support one another, and pursue full spiritual growth and development. We work towards facilitating communication, encouraging interreligious dialogue and interaction, and fostering a campus atmosphere in which members of the Case Western Reserve University community may freely express their religion, spirituality, and beliefs.

Chabad @ CWRU

Rabbi Mendy & Sara Alevsky
Phone - Rabbi Mendy: 216.262.4857, Sara: 347.461.7182
Location: 2049 East 115th St.
Visit: (website)

What is your passion?

Rabbi Mendy: “Listening to people. Changing the world for the good. Igniting and activating the soul of every person I meet.”

Sara: “My passion is being there for the students and showing them that Judaism is applicable in everyday life and how beautiful, fulfilling and enriching life is if lived with godly morals and ethics.”

Hillel @ CWRU

Jill Ross
Phone: 216.231.0040
Location: 11291 Euclid Ave.
Visit: (website)

Who helped you the most to be the person you are today?

“My parents have truly been my inspiration and driving force. Ever since I was a child they instilled in me, and my siblings, the importance of community involvement. They always shared with us the priority that religion plays in one’s daily life. I think that is what draws me to appreciate the dynamic and multi-faceted environment that is Case Western Reserve University.”

Muslim Student Association

Ramez Islambouli
Phone: 216.421.9614, ext. 300
Location: The Interfaith Center
Visit: (website)

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship @ CWRU

Ken Nakajima
Phone: 724.809.1675
Location: Starbucks on E. 115th or Coffee House
Visit: (website)

What is your passion?

"My passion is to see students and faculty transformed by God, and see them use their gifts and talents to bless others."

Newman Catholic Campus Ministry

Sharon Bramante
Phone: 216.421.9614, ext. 302
Location: The Interfaith Center
Visit: (website)

What do you wish your legacy to be?

“I would love to co-create a more compassionate and contemplative world, beginning with the human community right here at CWRU and in Cleveland. As a pastoral minister with Catholic students, I hope to do this by nurturing their spirituality with prayer, worship, and retreat programming, forming their passion for justice as we learn together about injustices in the world, and encouraging them to ask questions and create relationships that require depth and listening.”

Student Community at Covenant

Kevin J. Lowry
Phone: 216.421.0482, ext. 237
Location: Church of the Covenant
Visit: (website)

What is your passion?

“My passion is to work with young adults as they discover who they are, what they believe and how they are connected to the world in which they are a part and to be present as they wrestle with their worthy questions and big dreams as they emerge into adulthood and become leaders of character and influence in the global community.”

United Protestant Campus Ministries (UPCaM)

Rev. Barbara Essex
Phone: 216.241.9614, ext. 301
Location: The Interfaith Center
Visit: (website)

Who helped you the most to be the person you are today?

“The person who helped me most be the person I am today is my maternal grandmother—she was non-judgmental, loving, creative, and spiritual. She helped me understand the importance of listening and caring for others. She taught me patience and compassion and pushed me to be myself and to defy convention and tradition if they stood in the way of my authentic self. She also taught me not to take myself so seriously! She loved to laugh, cooked an amazing pound cake, and gave me a love for church.”

Coordinator of Religious Life

Edward Chavez, Jr 
Location: 110 Adelbert Hall

What do you wish your legacy to be?

"Like many, I've always wanted to leave the world a better place. It wasn't until attending certain courses here at CWRU did I realize for me this meant working towards shifting culture to value learning for the sake of learning and developing innate curiosities present in all. When people ask questions, read up on what is unfamiliar, and find passion for becoming informed, walls and barriers fall, connections across boundaries are made, and the world in which we live seems to grow a little closer."