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Last winter, we spun our tires in the snow and skidded on the ice! We felt overwhelmed by the frigid cold. We didn't want to go anywhere or do anything! Sometimes, we get stuck in even when the sun is shining. We feel boxed in by schedules and due dates. In other words, we just stall out.

ESS is here to help you develop a workable schedule and coach you on how to use it. We don’t want you to be stuck!

Stop by ESS in 470 Sears or call 216.368.5230 to set up an individual consultation with one of our specialists. Our mission is strategic learning experiences—for you!

International Students and Parents

View the welcome letter from our staff, in English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese.

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ESS Planners
Planning for SuccESS!

Hot off the presses! Our annual ESSential planners are a great way to keep yourself organized. It's full of tips on how to manage your time, helpful campus resource information, and useful CWRU event dates and deadlines. Swing over to the ESS office in Sears Library 470 and grab one today to help yourself start the next semester off on the right foot!

TA Training
Fall 2014 Undergraduate TA Training

Mandatory Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Training for new UTAs will be held Sunday, September 14, 1 to 5 p.m. The session will begin at 312 DeGrace. Snacks and beverages will be provided. UTAs will also be paid $60 to attend all four hours of the training. The training, organized as a mini conference with concurrent sessions, will address specific UTA roles: graders with office hours, graders without office hours, recitation leaders, and lab leaders. Recitation leaders and lab leaders will also be required to attend a micro-teaching seminar that will be scheduled for a later date in September.

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student feeling overwhelmed
Feeling Overwhelmed? ESS can help.

UNIV 100: Essential Academic Strategies, is a non-credit five-week seminar that helps you develop ways to effectively manage your busy schedule, prepare for exams, take better notes, and enhance study skills—all in just one hour a week! The seminar will meet Thursdays from 4 to 5 p.m. and is facilitated by ESS staff. Session one of UNIV 100 runs weeks 2 through 6.

Enrollment is limited - so register through SIS today! Click here for more information.

Students studying around a table
Study Smarter with Study Group +1

Study Group +1 is an effective way to help CWRU students diversify and maximize their study time. This program is designed to enhance the learning experience for undergraduate students. Students can strengthen their understanding through discussion of course content in a peer tutor-supported study group of no more than 5 students. Study Group +1 can help students prepare for lecture, class discussion, a quiz or exam, or to work through a challenging homework assignment. Study Group +1 allows students to utilize their collective knowledge to achieve a shared academic goal: UNDERSTANDING! For more information, or to request a peer tutor for your Study Group, visit Study Group +1.

SELP tutor Lorna
Spoken English Language Tutoring

Learn about the SELPers, peer tutors from our Spoken English Language Program. SELPers meet individually with CWRU undergraduate, graduate and professional students, for up to an hour a week, throughout the week. Many of them are working on degrees in English, while some of them have backgrounds in technical communication or have science or engineering majors - but no matter what kind of educational focus they are working in, they all have been trained to help you with your spoken English needs!

To set appointments for the Spoken English Language Partners,sign in through TutorTrac.

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