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We all know someone who refuses to ask for help or directions! Fortunately, ESS does not feel the same way. We welcome and encourage all student questions to clarify or advance ideas. We're here to help you find your way!

Stop by ESS in 470 Sears or call 216.368.5230 to set up an individual consultation with one of our specialists. Our mission is strategic learning experiences—for you!

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Judy Olson Hammer
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Professional Development Conference

The Spring UTA Professional Development Conference will be held Sunday, January 31, from 12:30 to 5 p.m. Attendance at the conference is required for all new UTAs. The conference will begin in 356 Nord. Pizza and beverages will be provided. The conference, organized as a series of concurrent sessions, will address specific UTA roles: graders with office hours, graders without office hours, recitation leaders, and lab leaders. A $40 stipend will be paid for attending this training seminar.

Questions about UTA training should be directed to Judy Olson-Hammer at 368.5230 or at

SELP tutor Lorna
Spoken English Language Tutoring

Learn about the SELPers, peer tutors from our Spoken English Language Program. SELPers meet individually with CWRU undergraduate, graduate and professional students, for up to an hour a week, throughout the week. Many of them are working on degrees in English, while some of them have backgrounds in technical communication or have science or engineering majors - but no matter what kind of educational focus they are working in, they all have been trained to help you with your spoken English needs!

To set appointments for the Spoken English Language Partners,sign in through TutorTrac.

student feeling overwhelmed
Feeling Overwhelmed? ESS can help.

UNIV 100: Essential Academic Strategies is a great way for you to develop effective strategies for managing a busy schedule, preparing for quizzes and exams, taking good notes, and enhancing study skills. UNIV 100 is a non-credit, pass / no-pass five-week seminar facilitated by ESS staff members. The seminar runs for one hour per week and is conducted three times a semester - beginning in weeks two, four, and nine during the fall semester and weeks two, four, and ten during the spring semester. Register through SIS today!

Instructor Sarah Dellinger
Spoken English Seminar

This non-credit, five-week seminar for graduate and professional students, and research scholars, will improve their spoken English skills. The seminar covers pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, idioms, and presentation skills. This seminar meets twice a week for a total of 10 class hours. The schedule for this seminar is flexible, accommodating students' schedules. Students register in person at ESS during business hours. There is a fee for this course. Questions? Contact Sarah Dellinger, Assistant Director for Spoken English, at