Fall 2015 SI Final Exam Review Schedule

This schedule will be updated throughout the semester as SI leaders prepare their final exam review plans.

Course Day Time Location SI Leader
BIOC 307 Charlotte Yuan
BIOL 114 Rainer Matzko
BIOL 116 Alicia Moody
BIOL 214 Tori and Joyce
BIOL 215 So Hee Moon
BIOL 216 Jackie and Raghav
CHEM 105 Maryam, Laura, and Crystal
CHEM 106 Ashley Graybill
CHEM 111 Caitlin, Jack, and Lindsey
CHEM 121 Samuel Lovitz
CHEM 223 Romi and Jacob
CHEM 224 Aaron Mulheren
ENGR 131 Sydney Kaplan
ENGR 145 Aila Gomi
MATH GALA Mon. 12/7 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thwing Ballroom Chris Butler
PHYS 115 Jessica Asirwatham
PHYS 121 Pavan and Ian
PHYS 122 Nicole and Catherine
PHYS 221 Ryan Chaban
Thwing Study-Over TBD UPB

* - Pending Confirmation