Squire Valleevue and Valley Ridge Farms

The University Farm—Squire Valleevue and Valley Ridge Farms—is located in Hunting Valley, Ohio. Owned by Case Western Reserve University, the 400-acre property encompasses a variety of deciduous forests, ravines, waterfalls, meadows, ponds and a self-contained natural watershed. View the farm map to see the facilities available.

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When? Where? How?

When : Thursday, September 3, 2015, 5 to 8 p.m. Where : CWRU Farm's November Meeting Center, Squire Valleevue Farm, 37125 Fairmount Blvd., Hunting Valley, OH 44022, off of Fairmount, between Cedar Road and Chagrin River Road. How : Coming from CWRU'...

Serenity Now!

It's a new school year and we are all SUPER busy, right? Well slooooow down (insert screeching tire noise here) and join us this Thursday evening for CWRU Farm's spin on easy self-care and wellness. We know how easy it is to lose focus of yourself a...

Autumn in the Country 2015

Take advantage of the spectacular surroundings for inspiration and as a setting for learning about nature, cultivation, and the environment. Courses included: Outdoors Painting, Dyes and Silks, Nature Walk, Organic Gardens, Blueberry University, Cre...