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The Residence Hall Association (RHA) focuses on programming, advocacy, and leadership development in the residence halls. It is the goal and mission of our organization to improve the overall residential experience of the students at Case Western Reserve University.

RHA facilitates communication between the students and the administration, hosts programs such as Casino Night and Movie on the Hill, and provides leadership opportunities and training sessions for students in all residential experiences starting in the first week of a student's first year.

RHA is an active member of the CWRU residential and university communities, as well as the surrounding Cleveland area. We work diligently to assess and fulfill the needs of the local residential community, whether they are social, educational, service-related, etc. RHA is comprised of an executive board, community council members, and every resident of the CWRU residential community. We encourage all individuals to get involved by joining their local community council, attending RHA events, and advocating for their fellow students; all of which help to develop strong leaders within our residential, university, and greater Cleveland communities.

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