Students gathering at the Leadership Conference

Involvement & Leadership

There are opportunities all over campus to get involved, explore your interests and maybe even lead the way. Experiential learning opportunities complement your classroom experiences in all aspects of life at CWRU. With over 170 student organizations, the chance to create your own, and the multitude of activities planned by the university, there are many way to find your place here.

Academic Engagement

Get involved and lead the charge in your academic area of interest! Lend your expertise to your peers while growing your own leadership skills.

Career Development

You've done the research, taken the exams, rewritten your own resume counteless times. Put that experience to work!

Community Engagement

Service is beneficial to communities locally, nationally and internationally, and to your personal leadership journey. Connect with your fellow students and share your passion for civic engagement.


A number of student-run councils and groups are integral to the operation of the university. From residence to conduct, students help shape the future of CWRU and represent the interests of all their peers.

Diversity & Inclusion

Case Western Reserve University not only values diversity and cultural understanding, we value those students and other community members who give their time and energy to help promote a strong, vibrant university community. Make your own mark and help foster a community you can be proud of.


These events highlight the incredible contributions of our current student leaders, and help grow the skills of our emerging leaders. At any stage of your leadership journey, check out these great opportunities.

Greek Leadership

Being a leader within a fraternity or sorority carries many responsibilities similar to running a business and provides experience in managing finances, maintaining a home, and creating positive public relations. A good Greek experience can go a long way to place you above the competition in a career search.

Leadership Development

Globally, there is an overwhelming need for effective leadership. CWRU is committed to the leadership development of our undergraduate students and preparing them—not only for student leadership opportunities—but for global leadership initiatives, as well. Graduate students can find ways to excercise the leadership skills developed during their undergraduate time through their individual school or program.

Student Government

Stduent-run government, including boards, councils and other organizations, are part of what makes CWRU tick. Not only are students able to gain valuable orgainzational experience, they contribute immesurable to the growth of their feloow students, and of the university as a whole.

Student Organizations

More than 170 recognized student organizations on campus are supported, guided and funded by the Undergraduate Student Government. CWRU undergraduate students have the opportunity to join any USG organization. You can browse the list of currently recognized student organizations on the USG website, or by logging in to OrgSync. All students are invited to the Student Activities Fair during Welcome Week where you can meet these organizations and their leaders in person!