Move-in Day at Case

Welcome to Your Home Away from Home!

Residence Life

While you are here at Case Western Reserve University, you will be spending a great deal of time outside the classroom—learning about yourself, what you want to do, and how you will grow into the person you want to become.

The residence life staff can help you create an environment where you can do all those things. We work with students to craft communities that are both challenging and comfortable, and allow individuals and groups to use the full college experience to learn and grow.

From programming and leadership development, to personal and academic support, we strive to guide communities you can call home.

The residence life staff is committed to encouraging students to engage in their personal transformation by creating residential experiences that challenge them to live a life dedicated to life-long scholarship, ethical leadership and active global citizenship.

We Know ...
  • students journey through their undergraduate experience in stages
  • students living in residence halls perform better academically
  • learning takes place inside and outside of the classroom
  • students who are engaged and connected are more satisfied and more likely to graduate
We Believe ...
  • personal transformation is fostered by strong residential communities
  • learning is essential to the residential experience
  • creating an environment that helps students develop a respect and appreciation of individual, cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, sexual orientation, and physical differences is critical to growth
  • faculty involvement is vital to student success
  • students matter and all students deserve to be treated with dignity and respect
We Provide ...
  • a first-year residential experience that begins this transformation by creating a successful transition to our community, connecting each student to members of our community, and laying a foundation of experiences essential to future success at Case
  • a second-year residential experience that continues this transformation by providing opportunities for students to engage in exploring who they are and developing a unique personal vision for their lives
  • an upper-class residential experience that challenges students to apply their vision by providing experiential learning opportunities and focusing on preparing for the future
  • a graduating senior residential experience that encourages students to reflect on their experiences, to connect experiences to what lies beyond graduation, to prepare for a successful transition from Case, and to celebrate their transformations into life-long scholars, ethical leaders and active global citizens