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CWRU Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)

Check out the new Bias Reporting System!

Bias Reporting System logo As part of university-wide efforts to enhance campus climate regarding diversity, the Division of Student Affairs has launched a program to make it easier for students to know where and how to report incidents of discrimination. (Students always have had the ability to report discrimination they observe or experience themselves, but until now lacked information about precisely whom to contact and how the information might be used.) The idea for the initiative began with OMA's own Director, Naomi Sigg!

Under the new system, students will be able to enter reports through a standardized online form or a telephone call to the office. Staff will follow up on every submission in ways that differ depending on its details. The program is open to students at all levels—undergraduate, graduate and professional. Visit the new website here.

Relive the 2015 Unity Banquet & Scholarship Benefit

On April 9, 2015, we celebrated our outstanding undergraduate and graduate students. Through the gracious sponsorship of campus partners, we were able to award over $10,000 to underrepresented students for study abroad, tuition, and career related professional development. Hear recipients discuss the impact of the Scholarship Award!

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