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Kiosk Locations

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Carlton Commons
First Floor - Computer Room
Cleveland Institute of Music
Lower Floor - Technology Learning Center
Main Floor - Robinson Music Library
FPB School of Nursing
Ground Floor - Cyber Café
Second Floor - Computer Lab
Fribley Commons
First Floor - Outside Fireside Lounge (Left)
First Floor - Outside Fireside Lounge (Right)
Kelvin Smith Library
First Floor - West of Elevators (Left) [BW]
First Floor - West of Elevators (Right)
Mandel Building NEW!!
Second Floor - Harris Library
Peter B Lewis Building
Lower Level - Computer Lab (Left)
Lower Level - Computer Lab (Right)
Lower Level - West Hallway (Left)
Lower Level - West Hallway (Right) [BW]
First Floor - Café
Sears/Nord Buildings
Fourth Floor - Hallway Near PDELC
Strosacker Auditorium NEW!!
First Floor - Main Lobby [BW]
Thwing Center
Atrium - At North Entrance
Tinkham Veale University Center NEW!!
First Floor - Outside Sparta Center
Triangle Apartments
Tower 2 - First Floor - Lobby
The Village at 115
First Floor - Outside of Starbucks
Wade Commons
First Floor - Hallway (Left) [BW]
First Floor - Hallway (Center) [BW]
First Floor - Hallway (Right)
Yost Hall
First Floor - Main Lobby

wēpa Print Network

wēpa is a growing cloud printing network that enables anyone with an internet connection to upload documents and then print them anywhere a wēpa kiosk is located. Additionally, the wēpa kiosk can print documents directly from a USB thumb-drive. Whether you want to print your documents using "Cloud Printing" or a USB drive, wēpa has you covered. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients by providing the most extensive, reliable, and convenient cloud printing network in the world.

[RSS] Announcements And Updates

Fall Kiosk Updates

The following kiosks have been added or updated for fall 2014!

  • There is now a kiosk in the Tinkham Veale University Center. It is located outside of the Student Activities & Leadership's Sparta Center on the first floor.
  • There is a new a kiosk in the Mandel School's Harris Library.
  • There is a second high-speed black and white kiosk in Wade Commons hallway.
  • The kiosk in Leutner commons had been removed due to environmental issues in that location.
  • One kiosk in Kelvin Smith Library has been upgraded to a high-speed black and white. The second unit will continue to provide color printing.
  • The kiosk in the WSOM undergraduate student lab has been moved to the basement hallway. It has also been upgraded to high-speed black and white. It is next to another unit which will continue to provide color printing.
Google Cloud Print Ready
Introducing Google Cloud Print Support

Google Cloud Print is a new technology that connects printers to the web. Google Cloud Print works on your phone, tablet, Chromebook, PC, and any other web-connected device you want to print from. You can now submit your print jobs to wepa using Google Cloud Print.

Google Cloud Print allows printing natively to wepa through the Chrome browser or ChromeOS devices. Cloud Print is also built into Android devices starting with version 4.4. Wide device support makes Google Cloud Print a consistent choice for many of your printing needs.

New Look for wepa Applications

On Tuesday, July 15, the wepa kiosk application was updated to have a more modern look and feel and be easier to use. This update also includes improvements for the on-screen keyboard and paves the way for additional functionality in the future.

The iOS and Android applications have also been updated to share the same new look and feel. Devices with the print app installed will be automatically notified of the upgrade. To install one of the new apps, check out your app store!

Introducing Email to Print

Now you can email your documents and print away!

  1. Attach your documents to an email
  2. Send the email to print@wepanow.com
  3. Print your documents at any wepa print station

The default settings are black and white, single-sided pages. To change these settings, specify "color" and/or "duplex" in the first line of your message.

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