Carl F. Wittke Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

The Carl F. Wittke Award was established in 1971 in honor of Carl Wittke, a former faculty member, dean and vice president of Western Reserve University. The Wittke Award is presented each year to two Case Western Reserve University faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in undergraduate teaching.


The winners of the 2015 Carl F. Wittke Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching are Rebecca Benard, Biology, and Colin Drummond, Biomedical Engineering. Professor Benard's nominator stated, " Dr. Benard not only teaches her students anatomy, but she also teaches them how to self‐teach. If the students work with her as a learning partner then she sets them up for success in their future classes as a more engaged, purposeful and independent learner." Professor Drummond's nomination said that, "Dr. Drummond is highly engaging and cares about his students. He genuinely involves his students in interactive methods in class and is always open to feedback and suggestions."

Both will honored at the 2015 Commencement exercises on May 17, during the Undergraduate Diploma Ceremony.

Rebecca Bernard and Colin Drummond

2014 Wittke Award Winners

The winners of the 2014 Carl F. Wittke Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching are Katia Almeida, Anthropology, and Lisa Nielson, Music and SAGES. Prof. Almeida's nominator stated, "She is professional with students and wants to see them succeed in the academic standing, but she is also personal and caring. She has a heart of gold that she shares through her Brazilian culture and through her earnest desire to equip students to face the world." Prof. Nielson's nomination said that, " Dr. Nielson's investment in teaching is a testament to her personal interests her students. Particularly, in discussions she encourages us to cite our life experiences. It gives students a chance to learn about their peers on a more intimate level and provides her with an opportunity to better understand our writing."

Both were honored at the 2014 Commencement exercises on May 18 during the Undergraduate Diploma Ceremony.

2014 Wittke Award Winners

2013 Wittke Award Winners

The winners of the 2013 Carl F. Wittke Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching are Eileen Anderson-Fye, Anthropology, and Paul Barnhart, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Prof. Anderson-Fye's nominator stated, "I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Anderson-Fye and her love for the material she teaches and genuine interest in the well-being of her students." Prof. Barnhart's nomination said that he is "the best professor I've ever had. If, at the end of the semester, I had a choice to either keep my textbook or my lecture notes, I would choose to keep my notebook."

Both will be honored at the 2013 Commencement exercises on May 19 during the Undergraduate Diploma Ceremony.

Eileen Anderson-Fye and Paul Barnhart

2012 Wittke Award Winners

This 2012 Wittke Award winners were Heath Demaree, Psychological Sciences, and Ramez Islambouli, Modern Languages and Literatures. Student comments about Prof. Demaree included such remarks as "Absolutely amazing at everything he does...This award was meant for him" and "Dr. D's class is one of the most memorable and challenging class that I have ever taken at Case." Ramez Islambouli was described as "a great professor that cares a great deal about his student's learning...He is very encouraging of everyone, and will certainly go out of his way to help any struggling students. He beyond a doubt deserves this award."

Heath Demaree and Ramez Islambouli

2011 Wittke Award Winners

The 2011 Wittke Award winners were Brian Metrovich, associate professor of Civil Engineering, and Bernard Jim, SAGES Fellow. These two professors were rewarded for their teaching efforts, including the ways they adapt and tweak their teaching styles to meet student needs.

Bernard Jim and Brian Metrovich