Groups + Workshops

Anxiety Group

Learn how to manage your stress in a healthy way using mindfulness meditation, cognitive-behavioral strategies, and group support. This is a five-week group offered twice each semester.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Group

This group is for students who struggle with social interactions or students who are on the autism spectrum. Individuals meet weekly to share their CWRU experiences and discuss a variety of topics.

Check-In Group

This group is for students who are trying to stay on track academically while also taking care of their emotional, psychological, and mental healthcare needs.

Drawing from Within

This is an art therapy group that helps students develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships with others through creativity and self-expression.

Empowerment and Support Group for Women Affected by Trauma

Trauma can leave survivors feeling confused, isolated, and overwhelmed. This group provides a safe space to discuss the impact of trauma on your life, to learn new ways of enhancing resiliency and coping, and to increase your sense of empowerment.

Interpersonal Process Group

This group is for students who want to better understand themselves and their relationships with others.

Partners of Medical School Students

This group is for spouses and partners of students that attend Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, Lerner Medical School, CWRU School of Dental Medicine, and the Kent State College of Podiatric Medicine.

Students Helping Students

This group is open to all students who have a desire to decrease and/or stop harmful substance use.

Wellness On The Go

Want to learn how to de-stress from your busy life but can't find the time? Want to learn to live more fully, build a better mind and body connection, and succeed not only as a student, but excel in life? These 45 minute, no appointment necessary sessions teach skills in mindfulness, relaxation, and positive psychology.