Quit Smoking

University Health & Counseling Tobacco Cessation Appointments

UH&CS has tobacco cessation appointments available for students at UHS. Appointments include 30 minutes with a behavioral health specialist and 30 minutes with a physician. Readiness to quit, strategies for abstinence and medication support will be assessed. Students may be eligible for free nicotine replacement medications.

Get started: To make an appointment, call 216.368.5872.

SelfHelpWorks | On-line Tobacco Cessation

The LivingFree program from our partners at SelfHelpWorks is a multi-media presentation designed to give you a similar experience to what you would have in a live class. This ten session program can be completed in as few as four weeks.

Read more: LivingFree Smoking Cessation Program (PDF)

Get started: To start the SelfHelpWorks program, send an email to counseling@case.edu. The UH&CS team will then register you and email you the login information. Questions? Email or call 216.368.5872.