Prevention & Recovery Services

Prevention & Recovery Services is a program designed to help students achieve sobriety through substance abuse prevention, education, Recovery House living, and campus-community alliances.

Our mission is to help students make a commitment to recovery, excel in scholarship, personal growth, social responsibility and ethical leadership.

Services available include:

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Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC): Students who join PRS as members of our CRC learn how to stay healthy and sober through a comprehensive plan. Those who participate join a select group of individuals and community members who help them achieve their goals to live a sober life.

ScreenU Alcohol & ScreenU Rx: These are new web-based programs which utilize evidence-based approaches to identify, reduce and prevent problematic substance use, misuse and dependence. Minimal staff time is needed during the screening and are designed to be brief, lasting only 5-10 minutes. The screenings are anonymous but completion can be tracked, if necessary.

eCHECKUP TO GO: These are personalized, evidence-based, online prevention interventions foralcohol& marijuana. They are designed to motivate individuals to reduce their consumption using personalized information about their own drinking and risk factors. The programs were designed and are updated with the most current and reliable research available.

Recovery House (RH) Living: An alternative housing option available for students who want to live with other students in a substance-free, recovery-based environment. The RH is open to eligible undergraduate, graduate and professional school students from CWRU, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine. Residents strive to develop healthy life skills while remaining free of alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviors, e.g., gambling or video-gaming.

BASICS: A 3 session, evidenced-based program which utilizes Motivational Interviewing and personalized feedback. It is designed to support students exploring their substance use, reduce risky behavior and harmful consequences, identify changes to help reduce risk and provide education and skills for risk reduction.

Treatment Referral & Case Management: Connecting students who are in need to specialized chemical dependency treatment to programs in our community. Case management will be provided to support the student in meeting their personal recovery goals, achieving academic success and retention. This will also will help with providing necessary documentation when applying for professional licensure.

Individual and Group Counseling: Individual counseling is offered on a short-term basis (up to 12 sessions a year) to develop a personalized recovery plan and develop relapse prevention skills. Group counseling involves a small number of students who meet to discuss a common concern. The supportive atmosphere in group counseling can be of help to many because individuals typically learn that they are not alone with their feelings and experiences.