Scheduling Accommodated Exams

Once your accommodation requests have been reviewed and approved, you can log in and schedule your exams and quizzes for the semester.

To access this feature, click on the "Alternative Testing" link on the left sidebar of your AIM home screen. This will take you to the testing screen, where you can schedule exams and view exams that you've already scheduled previously.

Screen capture showing the AIM Alternative Testing screen

Using the drop-down box, select the course you are scheduling your exam for. Then click the 'Schedule an Exam' button (directly below the drop-down box) to move to the testing detail screen.

Screen capture showing a student selecting a course from the Select Class drop down box

On the testing detail screen, you will enter the specifics of the exam or quiz you are scheduling.

Screen capture showing the exam request screen with the exam detail fields highlighted

First, select whether it is a quiz or an exam by selecting the 'Request Type' using the drop-down box. Then enter the date and time of the exam. This will be the time you are coming to the Office of Accommodated Testing and Services (OATS), in 440 Sears Building, to take your exam.

Next, you'll select the specific accommodations you'll be using for this exam. Click the check box next to each accommodation that you are requesting. For example, if you are requesting a reduced distraction environment for your exam, click the check box next to 'Reduced Distraction' under the 'Services Requested' section.

Finally, the 'Additional Note' section can be used to inform OATS staff of any other pertinent information about your exam that may be important (for example, if you have arranged with your professor to take your exam at a time that is different from class time).

Once you have completed all the necessary sections, click 'Add Exam Request' to submit. Your submission will then be referred to OATS staff, who will review the request and approve it.