About Disability Resources

Students at CWRU are not required to disclose disability information to anyone. However, in order to use services and appropriate accommodations, students should notify Disability Resources in 402 Sears Building. The Disability Resources staff members that are aware of your disability will keep this information confidential. Students decide who needs to know about their disability. Disability Resources is the only department that will determine your eligibility.

Disability Resources will work closely with students and design an individual plan for accommodations. Included in that plan are strategies for disclosure to professors as well as identifying specific accommodations that will be needed for each course. Accommodations and services are available for students with a variety of disabilities including: visual impairment, hearing impairment, mobility limitations, chronic illness, psychological disorders and learning disabilities. The legal definition states that any mental or physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity is a disability.

Students are "fitted" with the services and accommodations that will be most helpful for their particular needs. We are able to offer the following: testing accommodations, adaptive equipment and assistive technology, scheduling assistance, transportation assistance, alternate format for print materials, note-taking assistance, interpreters, parking assistance and accessible housing. This list is not exhaustive and other accommodations may be appropriate.

Students with temporary disabilities such as broken or sprained limbs should also contact Disability Resources. Under these circumstances, accommodations can be made for the duration of the problem. Accommodations can include transportation, special parking, and testing accommodations as needed.

Our Mission

The Disability Resources office is here to assist students with disabilities to fully participate in their chosen programs and activities. Please contact the office of Disability Resources to discuss your individual needs.