Alternative Format Text

ESS Disability Resources is committed to providing required course material in alternate formats to those who have a documented need for it in order to access the courses in which they are enrolled. Commonly used alternate formats include audio recordings, e-text, and Braille.

However, obtaining and/or producing alternative text is very time consuming. To facilitate timely delivery of your converted materials please make your requests as early as possible, but at least 3 weeks in advance of when you will need the materials.

Helpful Tips to Expedite Alternative Text Requests
  1. After registering for classes, contact each professor for a list of required course readings. Be sure to obtain information regarding the edition, author, and full title of the text.

  2. Ask the instructor what order the information will be covered. This way the Disability Resources staff member can prioritize the materials during the conversion process to ensure you have the documents in time.

  3. Once you purchase any required text books, be sure to drop off or email the receipt to Book publishers who provide e-text commonly require proof of purchase before they will release it. If alternative text is not available, a Disability Resources staff member may require the purchase text book in order to create an accessible, electronic copy.

  4. Once received, review your alternative text for any problems. If you do come across any issues, notify ESS Disability Resources immediately so they can resolve the issue.