Undergraduate Testing Accommodations

Request your accommodations memo prior to each semester through the ESS Disability Resource office.

Make accommodated test reservations using the Accessibility Information Management (AIM) system.

You are encouraged to make reservations once you receive your syllabus. The system allows multiple dates to be set with a single log in. During the semester, modifications are easily processed.

Book weekly quizzes one by one, or request ESS Testing Center to set a reoccurring appointment. Once the first quiz is reserved in the AIM system, send requests for reoccurring appointments to exams@case.edu.

In order to process requests, you must make reservations no later than one full week prior to the day of testing. Failure to make a reservation may result in forfeiture of ability to take that test in ESS. Unforeseen circumstances are handled on a case by case basis.

Visit the online tutorial page for detailed information on how to schedule a test in AIM.

Your professor will be notified of the request and provide testing materials directly to the ESS Testing Center office. ESS Testing Center staff relay student questions and professor responses during testing.

Arrive on time and be ready to test. Students taking accommodated tests are expected to uphold the University's Code of Ethics. Cameras monitor testing rooms, and all infractions will be immediately reported to the professor.

[Testing Accommodations Policy Revised Fall 2017]