What is Parallel Structure?

This guide is unhelpful, lacks sound advice, and it must have been written by tree-dwelling apes.

What is wrong with this sentence, besides its unfairly low esteem for the writing guide? The wording just sounds clunky, doesn't it?

The main problem is a lack of parallel structure. The sentence makes three statements about its subject (This guide), but the statements are structurally very different. The first (is unhelpful) features a to be verb followed by an adjective. The second (lacks sound advice) has an action verb followed by a noun. And the third (it must have been written by tree-dwelling apes) begins with a pronoun (it) and contains a passive verb.

In a sentence with parallel structure, elements like these would all be phrased in a grammatically similar fashion. In a moment, I will invite you to revise the sample sentence above so that its three statements become parallel. But first, consider the sentence below and ask yourself: Does it use parallel structure or not?

Engineers designed the building, and its construction was overseen by them.

If you answered "No," you were right: the two clauses in this sentence are not parallel. In the first clause, "Engineers designed the building," the verb is active; in the second clause, "its construction was overseen by them," the verb is passive. Notice, too, that the subjects of the two clauses are different: Engineers in the first clause, construction in the second.

The first step in making the clauses parallel is to keep one subject throughout:

Engineers designed the building and oversaw its construction.

This sentence, with one subject and two active verbs, is both more concise and more forceful than the original. It has a rhythm and an emphasis that were missing in the earlier version.

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This guide is unhelpful, lacks sound advice, and it must have been written by tree-dwelling apes.

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Parallel Structure

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