Vagueness and Statements of Fact

Review the following sample sentence:

Invaders from Planet Rugby is a great movie.

Perhaps this is not merely an opinion. Perhaps, instead, it is meant to reflect the general critical evaluation of IFPR. In that case, one might write:

Invaders from Planet Rugby is a great movie, receiving many positive reviews from critics.

Or, better yet:

Invaders from Planet Rugby appeared on more than 100 "Top 10 Films" lists and won the prestigious Palme d'Or at Cannes.

This is much better, in fact. It makes the original point — Critics love this movie! — but with the bonus of evidence, which is always a positive.

And I cannot say this enough: Specific points, supported by evidence, easily beat out vague points with no evidentiary support.

So remember: Be specific and offer evidence.

Try One on Your Own!

How might you rewrite the sentence "Going to Case is great"? Try to be specific and to offer evidence!

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