Service Learning

In addition to co-curricular opportunities, CCEL is a campus resource for promoting academically-based service learning practice and projects that a) model effective experiential learning pedagogy, b) enhance course learning outcomes for students, c) meet community partner needs and emphasize reciprocity, and d) further the mission of Case Western Reserve University.

Service learning is a pedagogy that integrates experiential learning and community service in an academic context. Through activities and experiences mutually negotiated between academic and community partners, service learning addresses identified needs, enhances the curriculum, and fosters civic responsibility.

A growing number of service learning courses are offered at Case Western Reserve University.

CCEL staff assists in service learning opportunities and course development by providing the following resources:

  • Faculty training workshops about service learning and best practices
  • Faculty consultations for service learning project ideas
  • Development and mentorship of community-based capstones
  • Syllabus construction assistance and review for service learning courses
  • Assistance with identifying appropriate community organizations for course partnerships
  • Matching community agency requests with specific service learning courses and projects
  • Reflection opportunities and activities for students
  • Service learning course resources, including forms, time logs, evaluations and handbooks for faculty, community partners and students
  • Use of CCEL van transportation, as available, for service learning courses.