Service Learning Courses at Case

A growing number of Case undergraduate classes provide students the opportunity to combine community service with classroom learning. Some examples are listed below. Be sure to check current offerings and course descriptions on Case's Searchable Schedule of Classes for updates and potential course revisions.

College of Arts and Sciences Service Learning Courses
ANTH 215 Introduction to Medical Anthropology
ANTH/NURS 372 Health in the Global Community
ARSC 201 Introduction to College Scholars Program
BIOL 363/463 Experimental Development Biology
ETHS 251A Oral Performances and Ethnic Identities
ETHS 390 Poetics of Gender in Latin America
FRCH 208 The Montreal Experience
FRCH/WMST/WLIT/ETHS 335/435 Women in Developing Countries
FSNA 107 Culture and Computers
HSTY 152 Technology in America
HSTY/POSC/SOCI 381 City as Classroom
PSCL 231 Child Psychology Practicum
PSCL 369 Adult Development and Aging
PSCL/EDUC 338 Seminar and Practicum in Adolescents
RLGN 325 Justice, Religion, and Society
RUSN 311 Advanced Russian Conversation and Composition
SOCI 355 Social Innovation in Schools and Society
SPAN 311 Advanced Spanish Conversation
SPAN 314 Practice of Translation
USNA 232 Implementing Technical Solutions to Meet People's Needs
PHIL/COGS/BIOL 314/414 Animal Cognition and Consciousness
School of Engineering Service Learning Courses
ENGR 101 Freshman Engineering Service Project
EECS 385 Engineering in Community Service
School of Nursing Service Learning Courses
NURS 372 Health in the Global Community

The Frances Payne Bolton School has infused service-learning throughout their curriculum, including their senior capstone project held in local, national and international settings. Please refer to their website and to their Community Engagement through Service-Learning (CETSL) homepage.

Weatherhead School of Management Service Learning Courses
ECON 386 Urban Economics
ECON 395 Public Policy Case Competition
Additional Courses Developed by LSA Service Learning Fellows
Watch for these service learning courses to be taught in the future, based on departmental calendars and faculty availability.
ENGL 386/WMST (TBD) Literature and Culture: Recognizing Beauty
ETHS 391 Theater for Social Change
GEOL 322/422 Hydrogeology
HIST 384/484 American Women's History in the Public World
HIST (TBD) The Age of Prozac: Social and Cultural Aspects of Depression
HIST 305 The City as a Museum of Technology
MUSC 341 General Music Methods A
PHYS (TBD) Cosmology Senior Project
SOCI 355 Children, Law, and Social Policy: Devising Public-Private Maps of Children's Rights and Interests
THTR 382 Crossing Bridges: A Theatrical Approach to Understanding the Personal Context of Disease
USSO (TBD) Wisdom: An Introduction