SI sessions

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides regularly scheduled student-facilitated study sessions for traditionally difficult courses at CWRU. SI sessions are free and your participation is completely voluntary. Attending sessions allows you to ask questions, review notes, practice problems and prepare for exams in a relaxed environment.SI Logo

Sessions are led by SI leaders—students who have successfully completed the courses, are recommended by professors, and trained by Student Advancement (Academic Resources). During the sessions, SI leaders will facilitate an activity related to recent material covered in lectures. The goal is to involve students with material and introduce good study skills and habits. Some activities may include practice quizzes, vocabulary building, review sheets, or collectively working on problems. Because you will be working on course material, make sure you bring your book, notes, and any other material you may need to use as a resource.

Depending on the number of SI leaders for your course, there may be anywhere from two to six 90-minute sessions per week. Consult the complete SI schedule for more information.

"The SI sessions really helped me learn new material and practice concepts. Without this extra practice and review at the SI sessions, I would have been very lost and would not have done so well in my courses. I am really thankful that we have SI sessions at Case - they are one of the most helpful things available here." - CWRU Student

Academic Resources solicits applications to fill SI Leader positions each semester. Applications for fall semester positions are usually solicited in March; spring semester applications are normally solicited in October.

SI leaders are recruited for the following courses:

  • BIOC 307
  • BIOC 308
  • BIOL 114
  • BIOL 116
  • BIOL 117
  • BIOL 214
  • BIOL 215
  • BIOL 216
  • CHEM 105
  • CHEM 106
  • CHEM 111
  • CHEM 119
  • CHEM 121
  • CHEM 223
  • CHEM 224
  • CHEM 328
  • EECS 233
  • ENGR 131
  • ENGR 145
  • PHYS 115
  • PHYS 116
  • PHYS 121
  • PHYS 122
  • PHYS 221

For more information about the SI program, contact Dr. James Eller, Associate Director of Academic Resources, or call 216.368.1937.