Peer Tutors complement the professor's work with students during tutoring sessions. During individual sessions, peer tutors help students understand their strengths and weaknesses regarding the subject matter and provide tips to improve their academic skills.


Peer Tutors must have competency in the chosen subject matter by earning at least a "B" in the course and obtaining professor recommendation. Additional competencies necessary are time management, study skills, listening, communication, and interest in helping students. Peer Tutors must also have a minimum overall 3.25 GPA.


All tutors attend a tutor orientation program at the beginning of the semester and advanced training sessions as required throughout the semester.

Time Commitment

The tutoring position requires a commitment of seven to ten hours of available tutoring sessions per week. Tutors maintain appointment data in TutorTrac.


Each week, tutors enter "appointment availabilities" in TutorTrac that accommodate both personal schedules and those of the courses they are tutoring. Tutors schedule seven to ten hours of availability per week on a by appointment only basis.


Tutors earn $10 per hour for tutoring sessions.


The rewards of tutoring extend beyond pay. As tutors collaborate with students, faculty, and professional staff, they enter new roles with everyone involved in the campus learning community. Their potential for graduate school acceptance improves as does their opportunities for receiving teaching assistantships once enrolled in graduate school. Tutors get a good review of basic material in their discipline which can be useful in preparing for the GRE.

Want to be a Peer Tutor?

If you are interested in joining the Tutoring Team, you will need to submit an application and faculty recommendation(s).

After you submit your completed application, and your faculty recommendation(s) are received, you may be called to schedule a brief interview depending on the demand for tutoring in your specialty areas. Otherwise, your application will be kept on file for the remainder of the semester should additional tutors in your specialty areas be needed.

For more information, contact Jenn DeSantis, Assistant Director, Academic Resources, or call 216.368.5086.