Students studying in a group

Study Group +1

Study Group +1 is an effective way to help CWRU students diversify and maximize their study time. This program is designed to enhance the learning experience for undergraduate students. Students can strengthen their understanding through discussion of course content in a peer tutor-supported study group of no more than 5 students. Study Group +1 can help students prepare for lecture, class discussion, a quiz or exam, or to work through a challenging homework assignment. Study Group +1 allows students to utilize their collective knowledge to achieve a shared academic goal: UNDERSTANDING!

  • Share strengths and strengthen weaknesses. Everyone has academic strengths and weaknesses. Participating in an SG+1 allows students to share their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses with other group members.
  • Accomplish more by collective problem solving. "Three heads are better than one, and four are even better" especially when trying to solve a difficult problem.
  • Refine and improve class notes and note-taking skills. SG+1 members can share and refine class notes and note-taking strategies.
  • Diversify study routine. Studying alone in a residence hall or in the library can be boring and non-productive. Participating in a Study Group +1 can give students a different perspective of course material and provide a more active study environment that can result in MORE TIME ON TASK!
  • Acquire new skill sets for today and the future. Successful Case Western Reserve students often attribute their success to interacting with their fellow students. Likewise, most career fields require an ability to work as part of team. SG+1 provide a great opportunity to develop skills in teamwork.
"The tutor always goes out of her way to make sure we understand the material, and also makes it fun to learn. She has a vested interest in the success of her students, and takes pride in her students for their success." - CWRU Student