Form a Group

  1. Before forming a Study Group +1, students must first consider the following questions:
    • How many students should be in the group?
      The best size for a study group is four to five people. Smaller groups are susceptible to distraction, and larger groups are more difficult to ensure that members are doing their part. A minimum of three members is required for a peer tutor to be assigned. The maximum size of a group is 6.
    • Who should be in the group?
      Friends are not always the best individuals to invite to join a study group unless they aspire to the same level of academic success in the course, that is. Group membership should include students who attend and pay attention in class and who generally have good academic habits.
    • Where should the group sessions be held?
      Study Groups +1 should meet in a location free from distractions and where there is ample room to interact. Residence halls or other limited access spaces are not recommended.
    • How long should a study group meet?
      Study groups should meet for no more than two hours. Members may lose focus in a longer session and may not have enough time to meet their objectives if a session is too short.
    • When should study groups meet?
      Groups should meet at the same time and place each week. Having a set schedule allows members to plan ahead and prepare for each session.
  2. Once the above questions have been addressed by the group, a member of the group needs to submit a request for a peer tutor using the online Study Group +1 Tutor Request form. The request must include the name and CWRU ID of each member of the group.
  3. Once the group has been established and a tutor assigned, ensure regular attendance at all sessions.
  4. This step is optional. It's understandable that an assigned tutor may not work out for the group. If a Study Group +1 finds their tutor not helpful or unable to meet the needs of the group, contact Jennifer DeSantis, ESS Assistant Director for Academic Resources, and a different tutor may be assigned to the group.