TutorTrac is a web-based application used to schedule tutoring appointments for Case Western Reserve University students. Students can schedule up to five tutoring appointments in a seven-day period, free of charge. If you are experiencing issues accessing the system, please review our troubleshooting guide found here.

A student can schedule a tutoring appointment by taking the following steps:

1) Log in to TutorTrac at tutortrac.case.edu using your CWRU network ID and password. (If the website is not responsive, try using Google Chrome and opening an incognito tab, then typing the web address.)

2) In the left side panel, click on Search Availability.

Availability Screen in TutorTrac

3) You will be taken to the appointment search page. Once there, select the appropriate Center from the dropdown menu (Academic Resources for course tutoring or Spoken_English_Tutoring for Spoken English assistance)

Center Selection Screen

4) This selection will generate additional options. Select the course from the Section dropdown menu. (NOTE: For Academic Resources course tutoring, you will be limited to courses/sections in which you are currently enrolled.)

Course Selection Page

5) Select Peer Tutoring from the "Reason" drop-down menu for course tutoring. (For Spoken_English_Tutoring only one option will display to select)

Reason Selection Page

6) Leave the Location field blank.

7) Enter the date range you would like to search for available appointments.

8) Click the Search button.

9) Select the appointment you would like to reserve on the available slots screen.

search results page

10) In the Notes field, provide the tutor with a brief statement about what you would like to discuss during the appointment.

11) Click the Save button.

Appointments Entry Screen

12) You will receive an email confirmation for your appointment and the information will display in your upcoming appointments on your main menu.

Upcoming Appointments on Main Menu

For questions about TutorTrac, send an email to tutoring@case.edu, or call Jenn DeSantis at 216.368.5086.