Courses and Workshops

ESS offers a range of credit and non-credit courses and fee-based seminars on study skills and spoken English.

Graduate TA Training

ESS is responsible for campus-wide graduate student professional development (UNIV400A,B,C) for those Teaching Assistants working with undergraduate students.

Undergraduate TA Training

ESS provides a conference-based approach for required training for all new undergraduate Teaching Assistants.

Fee-based Spoken English Seminar

Graduate/professional students who are not TAs and those staff wishing to improve their spoken English may enroll in the ESS Fee-based Spoken English Seminar.

Essential Academic Strategies (UNIV 100)

ESS teaches a 5-week, non-credit seminar on how to enhance study skills and time management. This seminar is offered several times each fall and spring semester.

Navigating Presentation Skills (UNIV 102)

ESS hosts a 4-week, non-credit seminar for those international undergraduate and graduate/professional students who wish to enhance their ability to participate in classroom discussions and presentations.

Navigating Academic Skills (UNIV 103)

ESS will offer this course some fall and spring semesters.

SuccESS Workshops

ESS, upon request, will provide 30-to-60-minute workshops on time management and study skills.