SuccESS Workshops

The following are 45-minute academic enhancement programs created and presented by Educational Services for Students (ESS). Click here to request a program for your group, or contact us at or at 368.5230.

Time Management

Having a hard time finding enough time to study? This program will offer students strategies on how to best plan and organize their time. Various time management strategies will be presented. Students will gain an understanding of the number of hours each week they need to study and how to create a schedule to accommodate these needs.

Note-taking and Efficient Reading Skills

Ever get to the end of the chapter of a textbook and not remember anything that you just read? Can't read your notes or remember what you wrote? In this program, students will learn various strategies on how to get the most out of reading textbooks, and explore different techniques for taking notes and using those notes to gain a better understanding of course material.

Learning Styles

Do you know what your preferred learning style is? Do you know how to take advantage of your learning style in your studies? This program will allow students to learn about the different types of learning styles and study strategies to maximize these styles.

Presentation Speaking Skills Overview

This one hour workshop will explore and address the public speaking challenges you will experience as a presenter. The workshop will focus on verbal and body language as well as addressing common fears of public speaking.

Test Anxiety, Stress, and Staying Motivated Session

Is there a big exam coming up that you are stressed out about? Students will discuss and learn how to manage the anxiety and stress that may come with studying and test-taking. Tips on how to recognize and reduce stress, and tips on how to stay motivated will be explored in this program.

Test Taking Strategies/Doing Better on Exams

Looking for ways to perform better on tests? This workshop focuses on various strategies and approaches to different test formats. Students attending this program will learn skills for test preparation, improving memory, and test-taking strategies. This workshop can be tailored to focus on preparing for midterms and finals.


If the above topics do not meet your group's needs, let us know and we will tailor a program to meet the academic needs of your group.


Pre-packaged SuccESS Workshops, for faculty and staff members to use in their courses, campus programs, and residence halls, are also available.