Pre-packaged SuccESS Workshops

As always, ESS is available to present topics in your class or fourth hour, or to co-present with you. ESS also provides the below listed presentation packages for you to present on time management and procrastination, note-taking and efficient reading, test-taking strategies, and learning styles. These presentation packages include a PowerPoint, handouts, and potential activities. You can use whichever items from these packages you feel are suited to the students in your course.

Not sure which presentation package is best for your students? Consider having your students complete the ESS academic inventory. The ESS academic inventory provides a quick assessment of a student's educational experience at CWRU and helps them determine areas of focus for improved academic achievement. The academic inventory can also be a great tool for you to gain a better understanding of your students prior to beginning the semester.

The following pre-packaged SuccESS Workshops are available online:

These sets of materials are available for use by any faculty or staff members. Please note: The materials posted on our website are in PDF format only. If you would like copies of any of the presentation packages in their original formats (PowerPoint, etc.) please send us an email at, and we will be happy to provide them for you! Click here to submit a request for an ESS staff member present in your course.