The First Year Experience Program

Months of anticipation, excitement and curiosity have finally ended. You arrive on campus excited and anxious to begin your college experience, wondering what will happen next.

The first year at Case is all about transitions - transition to university academic life, transition to new friends and experiences, and transition to campus living. We are committed to helping all first-year students experience great "connections" at Case through the First Year Experience (FYE) program. This program is designed to assist you in your transition from high school to college by encouraging a connection with the university through academics, campus activities, residence hall programs and other events that enrich the college experience. As living-learning communities, the halls in the residential FYE take the lead in shaping your out-of-class experience.

As a first-year student you will become a member of one of four residential colleges - Cedar Residential College, Juniper Residential College, Magnolia Residential College or Mistletoe Residential College. Through the residential colleges, each student is instantly identified as an individual and at the same time a member of a community of other first year students. This year focuses on building the foundation of relationships with other students and other members of the university community. The experiences you will find in your residential college will take advantage of our unique location and introduce you to the life and traditions of the university.

As living-learning communities, the residential colleges take the lead in shaping your out-of-class experience. As living communities, residential colleges are places where:

  • You can feel welcome and part of the community
  • You can pursue your academic goals in a supportive environment
  • You can have fun and enjoy your college experiences
  • You can learn about your new environment - Case and Cleveland's University Circle
  • You can meet and learn about others and make lifelong friends and connections
  • You can learn about yourself and what role you want to play in the world
  • You can interact with talented faculty and staff and form important academic and personal connections
  • The facilities are clean, comfortable and inviting

Residential college staffs are available to support the needs of the first-year student. Each college has its own staff dedicated to making your new living experience both fun and productive. Here are some of the people you will be getting to know during your first year at Case:

The Coordinator of First Year Residence Education: a full-time, live-in professional with a master's degree in higher education administration, counseling or related fields and has previous residence life experience. Coordinators strive to build a community where students can live and learn.

The Assistant Coordinator of First Year Residence Education: a graduate student who provides support to the coordinator by planning programs, tracking residential college information, providing duty coverage and assisting in supervising the residential college staff.

Resident Assistants (RA): undergraduate students who provide support, mentoring, and opportunities for residents to connect with each other and faculty through programming and involvement opportunities in the residential college and around campus. RAs also live on the floors in the residential college with their students.