Cedar Residential College Crest

Magnolia Residential College buildings:

  • Cutler House
  • Hitchcock House
  • Clarke Tower

Magnolia Residential College

Magnolia Residential College's crest features a globe that signifies the interrelated systems of our world and our obligation to be stewards of sustainability for ourselves and generations to come. Magnolia Residential College was founded in 2003, but was re-energized in 2012 with a new theme. There are many sustainability initiatives underway on campus, and Magnolia Residential College students are working in concert with current big ideas as well as creating programs and traditions of their own.

Traditions and past programs of Magnolia Residential College, the other residential colleges, and the First Year Experience have included a ceremonial opening ceremony, floor and building programs, social and recreational competitions, food and info with the deans, faculty visits, and an end-of-the-year celebration. Some of the current campus sustainability initiatives that are providing inspiration and collaboration are the Climate Action Plan, local produce in our dining halls, move-out ResCycle program, and LEED certification of campus buildings.