Mistletoe Residential College Crest

Mistletoe Residential College buildings:

  • Norton House
  • Raymond House
  • Sherman House
  • Tyler House

Mistletoe Residential College

The Mary Chisholm Painter Arch, often referred to as the Mather Arch by students, is featured on the crest of the college, and links the Residential College to the history of the university through the spirit of the Flora Stone Mather College for Women that blazed educational paths for women in the 19th and 20th centuries. The crest represents a portal to the transformation that students go through while at Case Western Reserve University.

Mistletoe Residential College is providing students in the college the opportunity to learn about themselves and their communities through service and leadership. Most students act as both leaders and followers through various roles, and challenge each other to make meaningful connections with each other, with other entities within the university, and the broader Cleveland community.

Highlights and traditions of the Mistletoe Residential College include an opening ceremony of transformation at the arch, and a series of workshops on leadership. Mistletoe encourages learning through other campus opportunities for leadership development, such as the Emerging Leadership Program, Women in Leadership Week, Greek leadership programs, and course work. Students often take these lessons on to leadership and service in programs and organizations across the campus and beyond.