Carlton Road Complex

Carlton Road Complex
  • Glaser House
  • Kusch House
  • Michelson House

Carlton Road is a complex of second-year students perched at the "Top of the Hill" and a little bit farther from the busy center of things - the perfect place for the reflection and perspective needed for the Second Year Experience themes. As the edge of the South Residential Village, Carlton feels less urban than the heart of campus, which is appropriate given that it is actually in the suburb of Cleveland Heights. On land once selected for gracious mansions and within sight of those that remain on the other side of Cedar Road Hill, the Carlton Road community is a place to come home to, a place to learn together with others at a similar place in the CWRU journey.

The three houses in Carlton Road Complex are Kusch, Glaser, and Michelson, all named for Nobel Prize winners who were also members of the CWRU community. The community council (made up of second year students) and the residence life staff work together to shape a community both integrally tied into the Second Year Experience that brings together students in two other areas, and also one that engages students in the complex, area, floor, and suite sub-communities. Groups gather in the suite living rooms, in the light-filled lounges of the first floors, at the Rough Rider Room pub next door, or in the outdoor picnic or volleyball spaces. Fribley Commons is just down the Elephant Stairs, and there students eat with the other SYE students from Murray Hill and the Greek houses. If a suite or other group of friends wants to branch out, a short walk or drive could take them to the Cleveland Heights neighborhoods of Coventry, Fairmont, or Cedar-Lee, or down the hill to Little Italy.

Events in previous years have included the SYE-wide traditions of the Alumni Mystery Bus Tour, Taste of the World, and Second-Year Celebration. Within Carlton, council and staff have led both in-area and open-to-the-university events such as Murder Mystery Party and Greenfest.