Second-Year Residential Complex Staff

Second-year residential complexes are staffed by:

Residential Community Directors (RCDs) are live-in professionals with a master's degree in higher education, counseling, or a related field. Each RCD possesses a variety of academic and student life experiences and is responsible for supervising the staff and overseeing the entire complex.

Assistant Residential College Directors (ARCDs) are graduate students who also live in the complex, provide support for the residents, and assist the coordinator with community development, on-call coverage, and supervising the staff.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are upper-class students who live in each building. The resident assistants plan social and academic programs for the residential complex. Each night, a resident assistant is on call to respond to interpersonal concerns, roommate issues, and serve as a support for residents.

To reach a residence life staff member, please contact the respective RCD by email or phone during office hours. Students may reach RAs by email, or by stopping by the RA suite. If a student or parent needs emergency assistance during off hours, a network of on-call staff can be reached by calling Case Police at 216.368.3300.

Students or professionals interested in applying for any position in the Office of Residence Life are welcome to learn about employment opportunities.