Village at 115 and University-Owned Apartments

Family Weekend at the Village

The Village at 115 and Property Management Apartments are a community of upperclass students in the North Residential Village. Students live in small family-size groups in apartments with one to nine residents in each apartment. Because each apartment is a fully-equipped home with living, sleeping, bathing, and full kitchen facilities, the apartment-mates create their own small community. As upperclass students, residents are expected to communicate with each other to take responsibility for the smooth operation of their own homes, sharing information and negotiating roles as they cook, clean, study, learn, and live together. There are still plenty of university resources available to help learn the art of apartment living: Residence Life staff members are upperclass undergraduate Residence Assistants that develop community and implement programs and resources are tailored to the challenges of this living configuration and the nature of upper-class academic life. There are also still similar university services available such as housekeeping, maintenance, and amenity-based centers. In this way, the upperclass apartments are a final step before the off-campus living.

Although apartment living has a smaller-group focus, there are still plenty of ways for students to be involved in the larger community of upperclass students. Spacious great rooms with cathedral ceilings, fireplaces, artwork, and common kitchens allow residents to get together with other apartments or to host friends, in self-planned programs or as part of the programming provided by staff, the Upperclass Community Council, or the faculty-in-residence. Students might see classmates in the fitness room, at the Starbucks™, in the Clocktower Library, or in a courtyard picnic space. Of course, the football field and track is in the center of the Village at 115, so there are many events throughout the year where the whole university community comes to the Village.

The property-management apartments are managed by the Office of Property Management, but also have the benefit of support through the Office of Housing & Residence Life. They are historic properties, with plenty of charm and character.

The Village at 115 is the gem of the CWRU housing facilities, and more broadly a point of pride for the university. It is a genuinely beautiful cluster of houses, with warm wood tones, sweeping vistas, vibrant outdoor living spaces, and gracious details, built with an impressive commitment to the environment and "green" construction. In its first few years of existence, it has been incorporated into university culture, to become a home space for the whole extended university family. To learn more about the design, construction, and living legacy of the Village at 115, please visit our Facilities pages, or watch for tours and printed information about this remarkable university initiative.