Campus Ministry


The Interreligious Council (IRC) is composed of the staffs of the four campus ministries serving the institutions of higher education in University Circle. The search for truth is a personal matter. It can be facilitated, however, even nurtured, by relationships with others. The IRC encourages these relationships by providing occasions for individuals to gather, support, and challenge one another. IRC supports each person's search for truth and meaning in his or her own way, valuing religious pluralism and celebrating the diversity of religious expression.

The IRC believes that the search for meaning and the development of faith compel one to act and promotes study of and service to the world around us. The Interreligious Council sponsors several programs and events throughout the year. Some of these events include the Interfaith dialogue series, as well as panel discussions, Seder Meals, prayer services, and community service projects.

In addition, each of our four campus ministries provides many and varied services unique to its particular religious community. For more information, please visit the Interreligious Council webpage.

Center for Civic Engagement and Learning

Commuters always have an opportunity to get involved in community service projects through the Center for Civic Engagement and Learning, located here on the CWRU campus. CCEL promotes civic engagement and active learning through the following:

  • One-time and ongoing projects and programs that introduce students and faculty to community service opportunities that support learning and benefit the community
  • Curricular and logistical assistance to faculty utilizing service learning as a pedagogical tool
  • Assistance to students seeking community-based capstone projects and service learning coursework
  • Work-study and paid placements in the community
  • Support of the community service efforts of student organizations, residence halls, Greek Life organizations, and Student Affairs committees
  • Opportunities for community organizations to raise awareness of service events at their sites.
  • Information about local, national, and international service opportunities, including post-graduation programs

Please note: Some CCEL-sponsored programs offer stipends and the ability to utilize a Work-Study award in conjunction with community service activities.