Contract Housing Policies

Residents of contract houses are also bound by the terms and conditions of the Residence Hall Agreement as well as any related university policies and the policies for houses operated by Housing.


All residence hall rooms are carefully inspected before the students move in and again when the student moves out. Each student will be responsible for any changes to the condition of their room during their occupancy. A resident who finds something in disrepair should notify the Greek Life staff within one week of moving in.


If keys are not returned upon check-out, a $75 charge will be assessed. Room keys are issued to all students when they arrive in the halls in August. Lost keys should be reported immediately to your area office. A charge of $75 will be assessed for the replacement of any lost room keys. Loan keys are available at your area office. If lost keys are not found within three days, a lock change will occur. New keys will be at the area office following a lock change.

Responsibilities for Room Use

Housing recognizes students' need for the right to privacy in their own rooms. However, an authorized University official may enter a student's room for inspection or maintenance after reasonable notice, or in the case of emergency. Staff members are required to identify themselves prior to entering a room. When service workers enter rooms, they are required to lock them when they leave.


Window screens in the suite and room areas should not be removed from the windows for any reason. Unauthorized removal of window screens will result in judicial action and a charge for replacement costs.