Floor in a Residence Hall Policies

Greek signsWhen housing applications for the following academic year are collected in the spring, groups not currently occupying an entire floor may expand to occupy the additional space on the floor. No sorority/fraternity in group housing may expand to occupy more than one floor in a residence hall.

Any rooms on the floor where sorority/fraternity groups live that become vacant during the academic year will first be made available to the sorority/fraternity in group housing for pledges or members who are not currently living in the group housing arrangement.

Moving may only be done if there is a member to replace the person moving off the floor. Permission to make permanent renovations to any area occupied by the sorority/fraternity group housing must be approved by the Greek Life Office by way of a letter or email.

Sorority/fraternity organizations in group housing are required to create their own method of room assignment. The organizations must notify the Greek Life Office of the rooms assigned before the end of the spring semester.

Upon purchase or lease of an off-campus house, sororities/fraternities in group housing may choose not to enter group housing in the residence hall for the next year. This decision is to be communicated in writing to the Greek Life Office before applications are due in the spring for the next academic year. Thus, no one in group housing would break the one year contract, which exists when a housing application is signed and returned to the Greek Life Office.

If possible, the Greek Life Office will provide the sorority/fraternity group housing with a chapter room for the purpose of meetings and a storage room. .

Communication and cooperation must be maintained with the Greek Life Office.