Policies for Buildings Operated by Housing

These policies apply to any house owned and operated by the Office of Housing, Residence Life & Greek Life, which includes all buildings in the South Residential Village, as well as Magnolia House.

Air Conditioners
  1. Authorization for installations of air conditioning is conditional on provision of medical documentation.
  2. Charges will be billed to the student or the Fraternity Alumni Housing Corporation.
  3. Any window air conditioner installed in a leased fraternity may result in formal default notice to the Alumni Housing Corporation

The use of space heaters, air conditioners, hot plates, microwave ovens, and refrigerators larger than 4 cubic feet in rooms is a violation of University regulations as they are a fire hazard.

Fire Drills and Inspections

Each semester, a fire drill is conducted by the Greek Life Office, under the supervision of the Case Police Department, in the following manner:

  1. The chapter is notified of the date of the fire drill.
  2. Case Police and the Greek Life Staff will conduct the fire drill and make sure that everyone in the house at the time of the drill evacuates.
  3. If the fraternity members and others in the house do not evacuate the house within the time limit (2-3 minutes), the drill will be repeated at a less convenient time (5 a.m., for example).

All residents should assume the responsibility of insuring fire safety in the residence hall or fraternity house. Any resident who a) tampers with or removes fire hoses, fire extinguishers, or any other fire fighting equipment, b) places false alarms, or c) interferes with the proper functioning of the fire alarm system, fire safety equipment, or emergency exits may be subject to prosecution as well as University disciplinary action.

The doors to the stairwells on each floor are fire doors and are designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke. Residents should not block doors or wedge the doors open or tamper with the self closing mechanisms. Corridors, hallways, stairways, and stairwells must not be obstructed by placement or storage of any materials, equipment, rubbish, etc.

Evacuation of the building by all residents is required when the fire alarm sounds. Students failing to comply may be subject to disciplinary action.

Houses where the University does not conduct regular fire drills may contact the Greek Life Office by email or at368.8523 to schedule a fire drill on their own.

Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection Trash collection should occur on a daily basis Monday through Saturday. If there are any problems with the trash collection, they should be reported to the Fribley Area Office at 368- 1011, or the Wade Area Ofice at368.1010. Only trash that it bagged and placed in the trash pickup area outside of your house will be collected. For large items that can not be bagged, special arrangements for pick-up should be made with Housekeeping at368.2580. Please be sure that the bags are not overstuffed, and that the kitchen waste is bagged to avoid spillage and to prevent pest problems. If vehicles are blocking the trash pick up area, the trash will not be collected.

Mascot Policy

No pets of any kind, except for small caged animals are allowed in University Greek housing. Violations of this policy will lead to disciplinary action.

Maintenance Requests

When a maintenance problem arises, the house manager should submit an on-line maintenance request at http://studentaffairs.case.edu/My/Housing/MaintRequest.aspx. Do not contact the maintenance department directly. General problems and complaints will be handled as promptly as possible, based on the maintenance work schedule.

Emergency maintenance requests may be made (between 5 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. on weekdays and on weekends at any time) by calling security (x3333) who will contact the maintenance department. Emergencies are floods, electrical and power failures, drastic heat problems, plumbing problems, etc. If there are questions about the nature of an "emergency," or if there is no response from the maintenance department call the Supervisor On Call for your side of campus. When you call in a night maintenance request, be sure to send an on-line maintenance request the next morning. Include in your report whether the repair has been completed. Please do not assume that a night call will result in work the next day.

If the quality of work completed by the maintenance department is unsatisfactory, contact the Greek Life Office and inform them of the situation. The Greek Life Office will subsequently follow up on the matter.

Non-Resident ID Access

Chapters must petition in writing or by email the Greek Life office to allow non-residents to have access to the chapter's building. When the petition is approved, their student ID will be activated for buildings with card access. Only active members enrolled in classes may have access.


On-street parking near the residence halls is severely limited. Students who must have a car on campus must obtain a parking permit from Access Services. Parking on fire lanes, driveways, and on lawns is prohibited and could result in ticketing or towing of your vehicle. Murray Hill Road residents can receive a city pass. Contact the City of Cleveland for details.

Room Modifications

All modifications must comply with the following guidelines:

  1. No modification of a structural nature is allowed.
  2. All lofts or bunk beds must be free standing. The attachment of such structures to walls, ceilings, or floors will be considered damages and assessments will occur.
  3. All modifications requiring construction must include a diagram of the construction, including a list of materials and a description of how the structure will be assembled.
  4. The affixing of paneling, wallpaper, orother substances to walls or ceilings, or the covering of woodwork, or painting with other materials is prohibited.
  5. No existing room furnishings can be removed and stored in other areas of the building.
  6. Students must agree to assume all responsibility for such modifications.
  7. Use of a waterbed is prohibited.

Rooms must be restored to their original condition when vacated. However, students who make improved temporary modifications, and who plan to return to the same room for the following year may request permission to preserve these modifications over the summer vacation period. To do so, the student must first submit a housing contract during the spring semester room selection process. Then, the student must submit, to the Assistant Director of Greek Life and email request to leave the room ias is for the next year. If the student for any reason, fails to return to the same room for the following academic year, then the University will automatically restore the room to its original condition and bill the student for the cost of the restoration.

A non-returning student may request that a particular modification be left in place, on the grounds that the modification in question is such that it would prove desirable to the next room occupant(s). Some modifications, such as a room painted in non-University colors or an extra shelf are potentially acceptable alterations. The student must make the request through Greek Life. Permission may not be granted until an inspection has been conducted by University officials.

A student who will be living in a room that was temporarily modified by its previous occupant may agree to occupy the room in its present condition. If this is the case, the new occupant assumes full responsibility for the modifications. If the new occupant does not request to keep the room modified over the summer and (for any reason except academic separation) fails to return to that room the following year, he/she will be held responsible for the restoration of the room to its original condition.

Roof Policy

There is to be no one on your roof at any time. The material on the roof is made from specialized materials that are very expensive to replace if broken. Dancing, walking, and sitting on the roof can easily puncture the material and result in repairs that will be billed to your chapter. Anyone found on a roof will face judicial action.

In order to ensure that the roofs are in good condition, inspections will be conducted on a regular basis by Plant Services. All damage to the roof that is determined as vandalism will be billed to the chapter.