Board Plan (Meal Plan) Exemptions

Two fraternity affiliates from each off-campus chapter who are living in the residence halls may be released from their board plan to eat in the chapter house. Only chapters that meet the following criteria will be considered:

  1. The chapter house must be at capacity, causing some members to live in the residence halls.
  2. The chapter must have a board plan available to members in the chapter house.
  3. Chapters must submit: the names of the individuals to be released from the University Board Plan in preference order, a list of all members living in the chapter house, and the chapter house capacity to Auxiliary Services and the Director of Greek Life by August 1. No additions will be made to this list after the deadline.
  4. This exemption will apply only to upper-class initiates of the chapter. Pledges, associates, and holdovers will not be eligible.
  5. The chapter shall be responsible for notifying the individual members of their board exemption. If any of the exempted members sign up for the University Board Plan upon arriving at the University, they will forfeit their exemption. Likewise, the chapter will not be given another exemption.

Under this agreement, the maximum number of exempted members shall be equal to the number of housed Greek organizations multiplied by two. If chapters do not need or cannot use their two person allotment, the remaining unused exemptions will be divided among the remaining chapters. The Director of Greek Life will use a lottery system to assign any unused exemptions.