Room Change Procedures

Students wishing to move into or out of Greek areas need to notify the Assistant Director of Greek Life in writing of the intent to move. The Greek Room Change form must include the student's name, current assignment, the assignment into which the student wishes to move, and the signature of the chapter president that grants permission to move into or out of the chapter residence. If a student wishing to move out of Greek Housing desires to move back into undergraduate housing, they will be given the opportunity to participate in room reselection; either through continued occupancy (brought into a room by a continuing resident) or by lottery (choosing a lottery number based on class standing). There will be no retroactive granting of in-house status.

Moving To or From an Off-Campus or Leased Fraternity

Students wishing to move into an off-campus or leased fraternity must submit a Greek Room Change Form. Two upperclassmen will be released from their housing contracts at the end of the fall semester, providing that all paper work has been complete. Forms for moves at the end of Fall and Spring semester will be provided to all chapters to make the process easier.