Benefits of Membership

Theta sisters


College is a place for education and learning and academics play a major role in the Greek system. Academics are stressed by chapters throughout the Case Greek community through study sessions, fraternal scholarship awards, and tutoring assistance. Chapters and national fraternal organizations recognize and reward scholastic excellence. The Greek system maintains a Scholarship Commission that monitors the academic progress of chapters and two Educational Assistants to assist with chapter scholastic programming. In fact, 75% of Case's Greeks have a G.P.A. of 3.00 or better. To maintain these high levels of excellence in the Greek system, a student must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.2 to be eligible for membership.

Gamma Sigma Alpha is an academic honor society that recognizes Greeks who achieve a 3.6 grade point average or better. The organization is open to juniors and seniors.

Individual Chapter Grade Reports can be found here.


Fraternities and sororities are essentially self governing organizations. The Interfraternity Congress and Panhellenic Council are the major governing bodies of the Greek system. This means they make their own rules and sanction those groups that do not live up to the community's standards. This gives members many opportunities to gain valuable leadership experience. Chapters will have 8 to 10 officers plus a variety of committees. Through these positions, Greeks gain important knowledge and experience in organizing and working with people. This experience can assist them in becoming involved with other organizations and finding a job upon graduation.

The Order of Omega is a leadership recognition society that recognizes leadership, scholarship and service within the Greek community. Every fall, they host a scholarship reception at the home of our university president.


Perhaps the most mentioned aspect of Greek Life is the friendship and camaraderie that exists between members of a chapter. Coming to college can leave students feeling alone. The Greek system helps to instantly connect students to campus. Greek Life promotes the development of close ties between members by working toward common goals, living, and having fun together. These relationships transcend ordinary friendship to become like that of a brother or sister. Like family ties, the bond formed is for a lifetime.


The programming aspects of fraternal living at Case are what makes college more than school. Greeks at Case sponsor events throughout the year to allow members to meet new friends and relax after a week of classes. Functions include trips, workshops, interfraternal mixers, Campus activities, and small private gatherings of chapter members. The biggest Greek social event of the year is Greek Week, a full week of competition and show of Greek spirit at Case held at the end of the spring semester. Greek Week is a time to celebrate being Greek with the entire Case fraternal community and to show chapter pride.

The Greek community at Case is concerned about the use and abuse of alcohol, and as a result has opted to follow risk management policies that support responsible behavior. All new members are required to attend educational sessions in these areas, and the chapters, with the assistance of national offices and the university, monitor the enforcement of policies.

The Greek system in cooperation with the Intramural department actively participates in the intramural sports program. Participation in intramurals provides not only physical activity, but it also enhances friendly competition that strengthens the bonds of friendship and develops teamwork skills.

Community Service

Philanthropy is social and community service undertaken by a Greek chapter. This past year, the Greeks at Case pledged to complete 365 days of service. They donated clothes, books, pints of blood, $46,902 in cash, 17,027 cans of food, and 501 days of work (12,047 hours), as individual chapters and as a united team, to dozens of local charities. Fraternities and sororities work to support local charities, such as Rainbow Babies' and Childrens' Hospital, and national philanthropies such as the American Heart Association.

Chapters donate to these organizations not only to give back to the community, but for the enjoyment of working together for a good cause. Community service provides the members with a valuable learning and growth experience.